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Friction Pave can be safely applied to either concrete or asphalt surfaces, creating a weather-resistant skid-proof layer for a durable, innovative, and cost-effective surface layer that withstands the test of time. Our process uses a toxin-free double binder formula which we top with pigmented or natural stone to create a pavement solution that leads to safer and more sustainable roadways.


Extremely Durable Asphalt Surfacing System

Friction Pave, a hand-applied anti-skid surfacing system that is extremely durable, can be used to improve driver response time and reduce accidents due to wet weather skiing.

Friction Pave is suitable for all types of asphalt and concrete roads and has excellent skid resistance.

Friction Pave is made with road-grade calcined bauxite and is composed of a two-component polyurethane-elastomer binder. This system is extremely resistant to skids in wet and dry conditions.

Friction Pave can be used in high-stress areas such as:

  • Sharp bends
  • Roundabouts
  • Crossings for pedestrians
  • Junctions/intersections

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    Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

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    Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

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