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Stamped Asphalt System

The “Stamped Asphalt Surfacing System” involves stamping a template in freshly placed asphalt or re-heated asphalt, followed by the application of a polymer-modified coating system.

Stamped Asphalt Epoxy Modified Coatings were developed especially for the Stamped Asphalt system to create a slip-resistant extremely durable surface while also being user friendly.

The project owner or designer can choose from a variety of patterns and combinations of colours to achieve the desired look.

Designer Pave’s experienced sales, design and project management teams will ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

The Most Advanced Decorative Paving System In Existance

Stamped asphalt is the most advanced decorative paving system in existence over the past 30 years. This patented technology produces realistic pavers, bricks, slate, stones, tiles, and other effects on asphalt.

Stamped Asphalt combines the strength and flexibility of asphalt with cutting-edge surfacing technologies. Stamped Asphalt is a durable, cost-effective surface that can withstand chemical and weather conditions.

Our components, from the unique heating equipment to the specialised coatings, are designed to work together to create a superior surfacing system. Stamped Asphalt offers unlimited creativity for Streetscape projects and a cost advantage over installing pavers, tiles or stone.

Stamped Asphalt Key Benefits

Proven Technology

Stamped asphalt has been tested in both laboratory and real world enviroments. It has been used in a variety of conditions and applications around the globe since 1993, with excellent results. Specially-designed testing facilities are used for monitoring ongoing material quality under extreme weather conditions and traffic conditions.

Decorative Appeal

You can combine a wide variety of colours, patterns to create eye-catching and unique designs.

Stamped Asphalt Benefits

We have discovered that Stamped Asphalt has achieved success around the globe due to several key features. Here are some benefits and features of Stamped Asphalt.

Flexible Pavement

Stamped asphalt is a flexible asphalt that resists cracking and does not require expansion joints.

Continuous Surface

Stamped asphalt is a continuous, waterproof surface that resists weed growth and noise. It also inhibits the movement of water to the base which reduces the chance of it bursting due to erosion or freeze-thaw cycles. Stamped Asphalt reduces weathering effects from water and sun (ultraviolet radiation).

Simple Maintenance

Stamped asphalt is easy to repair and requires very little maintenance.

Salt Resistance

Stamped asphalt does not react with salt air from coastal conditions. Bricks and concrete products made from Portland cement can spall or degrade due to the reaction of cement with salt.

Quick Installation

Stamped asphalt can be installed quickly, up to 10 times faster than pavers or tiles. This results in less traffic disruption.

Elaborate Decorative Patterns

Stamped asphalt makes it possible to create embossed artwork onto the surface. This is a quick and easy process that opens up new possibilities for town planers or developers and architects.

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    Stamped Asphalt Services

    Stamped asphalt is a pavement surface treatment that uses hot iron to create a fine, raised design on the asphalt. The design is typically random, but it can also be targeted to improve specific performance characteristics such as wet traction or snow removal.

    Stamped asphalt is a way to enhance the appearance of a driveway, parking lot, or other paved surfaces. It can be done in a variety of ways, using different colours and textures. Stamped asphalt is a popular choice for residential driveways and commercial traffic areas such as pathways and traffic islands, as it is affordable and durable.

    The different types of stamped asphalt and their uses

    Asphalt is one of the most popular materials used for paving roads, driveways, and parking lots. It is a mixture of bitumen and aggregate that is heated and then poured. There are many different types of asphalt, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

    The most common type of asphalt is stamped asphalt. This type is made by heating the mixture and then pouring it into a mould to create a pattern. Stamped asphalt can be used for roads, driveways, and parking lots. It is durable and easy to maintain, and it can be installed in a variety of colours and patterns.

    Another type of asphalt is spray-down asphalt. This type is made by spraying the mixture onto a surface. It is used for roads, driveways, and parking lots.

    The 3 benefits of stamped asphalt

    Asphalt is a material that is used on roads, parking lots, and driveways. It is made up of small stones and tar. Asphalt can be stamped to look like brick, cobblestone, or stone. Stamped asphalt has many benefits over regular asphalt.

    • The first benefit of stamped asphalt is that it looks nicer than regular asphalt. It can be made to look like brick, cobblestone, or stone. This can make a driveway or parking lot look nicer and more professional.
    • The second benefit of stamped asphalt is that it is more durable than regular asphalt. Stamped asphalt can withstand more weight and will not crack as easily as regular asphalt. This makes it a better choice for areas that will be used often, such as driveways and parking lots.
    • The third benefit of stamped asphalt is that it is cheaper than regular asphalt. Stamped asphalt can be made from recycled glass, crushed stone, or other materials. This means that it will be less expensive to install and maintain than regular asphalt.

    The cost of stamped asphalt

    There are a variety of factors that contribute to the final cost of stamped asphalt. The complexity of the design will also affect the price, as will the size and scope of the project. Labour costs are also taken into consideration for stamped asphalt projects.