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Textured Coating and Paving Paint For Bike Lanes & Bus Lanes

StreetCoat can rejuvenate surfaces. This textured, colourful coating can transform any surface into something unique and fashionable in your projects.

StreetCoat textured coatings and paving paint are a practical way to add colour and softness to hard-formed surfaces. It is non-slip and can be applied to many floors. This paint will create safe and colourful surfaces. It is essential to reduce slip hazards in commercial establishments that have high foot traffic. StreetCoat increases the slip resistance of your flooring surfaces to give you peace of mind.

StreetCoat coatings use cutting-edge epoxy, cement, and polymer technologies that can withstand all weather conditions and traffic conditions.

StreetCoat is a durable, vibrantly coloured surface that can be used for traffic management and architectural hardscapes. It’s also great for creating “corridors”, which are highly visible and separate road users.

Why StreetCoat?


The Slip and Skid Resistant StreetCoat have been thoroughly tested and consistently meet State Road Authority requirements.


  • FLEXIBILITY- StreetCoat coatings are flexible and can withstand normal asphalt surface expansion and contraction. They will not peel, delaminate, shrink-crack or crack.
  • DURABILITY – StreetCoat coatings can withstand heavy traffic and are highly resistant to water damage. They also have superior adhesion properties that surpass other concrete or decorative asphalt coating products.
  • StreetCoat coatings can be considered environmentally responsible. They are not based on solvents like other pavement markings. They do not contain any harsh chemicals that could cause harm to the environment or people. StreetCoat can be applied to asphalt or concrete. It is completely recyclable.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE StreetCoat coatings resist damage and deterioration from fuel, engine oil, and deicing agents.
  • StreetCoat coatings contain UV stable pigments which are resistant to sunlight and fade-resistant.
  • FRICTION StreetCoat coatings are slip- and skid-resistant. They can be used on concrete or asphalt surfaces.


  • StreetCoat is long-lasting and colour stable. It will not peel, delaminate or become brittle. It can be used in combination with other quality products and will require virtually no maintenance.
  • StreetCoat’s simple installation minimises traffic and disruption in the community.

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