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A Decorative Asphalt Surfacing System

ThermoPrint, a decorative asphalt surfacing system, is specifically designed for crosswalks with high traffic. ThermoPrint’s bold appearance will last for many years due to its remarkable durability. Installation is quick and causes minimal disruption to the community.

Proven Technology

ThermoPrint, a thermoplastic material, is used to inlay imprinted asphalt. It is flush with asphalt and is therefore extremely resistant to traffic wear.

Installation Process

Licensed ThermoPrint Applicators are employees and owners of professional paving companies that have been certified by Designer Pave to install this technology.

A specialised pavement heater softens asphalt. The surface is then pressed with the templates in the desired decorative pattern. ThermoPrint sections are then cut and pressed into the impressions. The specialised pavement heater is again used to fuse ThermoPrint with the asphalt surface. This results in a completely seamless asphalt surface.

This applies to crosswalks, parking lots, roundabouts, medians, pedestrian areas, schools, bike lanes, bus lanes, safety zones, streetscapes and more!

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